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Timothy Lubin lubint at WLU.EDU
Wed Jul 10 15:00:07 UTC 2002

Many thanks to Peter Bisschop for noting the source of one of my
Atharva"siras verses in Paa"upata Suutra 5.35-38, which I had not
noticed (despite having looked for quotations from PaaSu before!).  The
Li* verse he mentions is in fact part of a versified
paraphrase of the entire Atharva"siras that begins with LP 2.17.9cd.

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>>> P.C.Bisschop at LET.RUG.NL 07/09/02 09:19 AM >>>
Dear Timothy Lubin,

For the second part of your second quotation cf. Paa"supatasuutra

chittvaa do.saa.naa.m hetujaalasya muulam (5.35)
buddhyaa (5.36)
sa.mcittam (5.37)
sthaapayitvaa ca rudre (5.38)

The complete verse also occurs in Li" 2.18.40.

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