Paa.ninian description of German

Frits Staal jfstaal at SOCRATES.BERKELEY.EDU
Mon Jan 28 06:57:02 UTC 2002

Re. Jan Houben's suggestion "for Paniniyas":

In the early 1960's, John Brough, during a seminar, gave a very amusing and
clever analysis of a bit of English in Paninian sutra style - about a page
of them as I recall - but it was just an entertainment - albeit illuminating!

Frits Staal

At 05:32 AM 1/25/02 -0800, you wrote:
>For the Paa.niniiyas among you:
>For centuries western scholars and missionaries have
>been describing most divergent languages all over the
>world in the categories of Latin grammar. What will
>happen if we start to describe a European language,
>for instance German, "through the eyes" of Paa.nini's
>theoretical approach? Will it give new insights on the
>structure of German? Does it solve old problems or
>does it create (interesting or unnecessary) new ones?
>Does it also give new insights on Paa.nini's
>theoretical system?
>These issues are courageously taken up in a recent
>paper by Prof. Peter Raster (Essen). See the *Essener
>Linguistische Skripte - elektronisch*, issue of
>December 2001:
>Best, Jan Houben
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Frits Staal

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