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on 23/1/02 1:14 pm, P.C. Bisschop wrote:

> One more text that should be mentioned is the
> Kedaaramaahaatmya in chapter 21 of the  Tiirthavivecanakaa.n.da
> of Lak.smiidhara's K.rtyakalpataru. The verses quoted there are
> attributed to the
> An early source is the original, which in the
> chapter on "Siva's aayatanas (SP 167) has a number of verses that
> deal with Kedaara.
> Hope this helps,
> Peter Bisschop

Dear Peter,

Many thanks for the information about the passage in the K.rtyakalpataru --
and for the reminder about the original Skanda  It is indeed

With best wishes


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