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On Fri, 18 Jan 2002, John Brockington wrote:

> I am interested (on behalf of a student) in discovering possible textual
> sources on Kedarnath.  I have so far found information that there is a
> KedAraMAhAtmya in the VAyu PurANa and another in a Kashmiri work, the
> BhRGgIZasaMhitA, though without any further details as yet.  Any further
> information on these or any other possibly relevant texts (including
> mentions in more general texts on pilgrimage) would be much appreciated.

In our library we have an edition (with translation) of
BhRGgIZasaMhitA that contains two or three chapters (patala) called
kedaramahatmya. I.e.

        BhRGgIzasaMhitA : bhASA-TIkA = The Bhrngisasamhita /
        [Ed.:] AnantaRama ZAstrI. - Delhi : Nag Publishers,
        1986. - 12, 484 S.

On p. 231-238 there is (acc. to the colophon): ZrIsaMhitAyAM
kedAramAhAtmye svacchandamAhAtmyaM nAma tRtIyaH paTalaH; on the
following pages 239-242 is: ZrIsaMhitAyAM varAhamUle
kedAramAhAtmyaM nAmaM caturthaH paTalaH; and then on p.
243-250: ZrIsaMhitAyAM bhairavaviSaye kedAramAhAtmyaM nAma
paTalaH. There may be more in it but I have made only a superficial
glance on the work.

Hope it helps
Peter Wyzlic

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