sharing documents: in praise of PDF

Christian Lee Novetzke cln4 at COLUMBIA.EDU
Sat Jan 12 19:55:09 UTC 2002

Acrobat or any other PDF producing program (Ghostwriter was mentioned)
should work with any program, whether Windows-based, Mac-OS-based, or
DOS-based.  Essentially, when you create a PDF, the document is "printed"
to a file, a first step in the printing of any document, but instead of
reaching your printer, it is redirected to a file on your computer and then
converted to a PDF file.  My point is that if you can print your document
from WP 5.1 for DOS, or whatever program you use, to any commercially
available printer, then you can also create a PDF.

As to the earlier WP question, I am able to create PDFs from WP documents
that have both diacritics and macros.  I'm using version 9, but I think any
version should work, as I mentioned above.

I hope this helps.  And for those of you who do not want to buy Adobe
Acrobat or another commercial PDF writer, you might try these sites the
offer free, legal solutions for writing pdfs from most programs: for Mac Users for Windows Users


At 08:28 PM 1/12/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>At 10:51 12/01/02 -0800, George Hart <ghart at SOCRATES.BERKELEY.EDU> wrote:
>>If you have Adobe Acrobat (latest version 5, available for both Windows and
>>Mac), it is easy to embed an Adobe type 1 font or a Truetype font in a
>>document.  That way, there is no problem with diacritics or Indian alphabets
>>-- the document can be read on any platform.  This is an extremely elegant
>>solution to sharing documents.  The receiver needs only to download the free
>>Acrobat Reader (Windows, Mac, Palm, Solaris, Linux, OS2, etc. etc.)  See
>> George Hart
>This solution is only applicable to Windows applications
>(like for instance WordPerfect 9, etc.)
>and is of course, as pointed initially by Dominik,
>the most convenient (and I join in the praise of the Acrobat format ;-)
>But I think our colleague was referring to the fairly widespread use
>(by many of our colleagues here on this side of the Atlantic at least :-)
>of the DOS application called WordPerfect 5.1
>as adapted (in the eighties) by our late colleague R.E. Emmerick, in Hamburg
>[See <>
>  for a few technical details]
>This means that, in order to be able help our colleagues
>who are still using R.E. Emmerick software solutions
>(and there are some here in Paris also),
>the wizard he is trying to invoke :-)
>should be able to create a PDF file
>starting from the files created by the DOS program WP5.1
>Any DOS wizard online?
>-- Jean-Luc CHEVILLARD (Paris)
>>On 1/12/02 9:56 AM, "Juergen Hanneder" <hanneder at INDOLOGIE.UNI-HALLE.DE>
>> > Unfortunately this confirms what I had feared, namely that it is not
>> > at all easy to go from the fairly wide spread varieties of
>> > WP-solutions for diacritics to PDF. Unless there is a WP wizard who
>> > can enlighten us, we will have to share documents by using unformated
>> > text in those mediation codes that are not limited to one platform or
>> > pogramm, like csx or that of the devnag package - just as in the
>> > e-text archive(s).
>> >
>> > Juergen Hanneder
>> >

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