Query on Telugu (?) writing on a conveyance

jkirk jkirk at MICRON.NET
Fri Jan 4 04:01:49 UTC 2002

Dear listmembers,

A friend sent me a photo of what appears to be a colorfully decorated
Christian ambulance cart with calligraphy along the top canopy part. (The
photo does not include the mechanism of attachment for hauling this thing,
but it resembles a similar style of horse-drawn conveyance I found in
Madurai, so I am guessing it's a cart and not part of an elaborate
three-wheeler.)  Am assuming the writing is Telegu because the photo was
snapped in Andhra Pradesh.  If someone could volunteer to translate the
writing for me I could send you a jpg attachment.  Please advise,
Hopefully, Joanna Kirkpatrick

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