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The Society for South Asian Studies (British Academy) seeks to
appoint two post-doctoral Research Fellows, each for a period of up
to two years, with effect from September 2002, to undertake and
complete research projects in any field of the arts, humanities and
social sciences of South Asia.

In each case the research will be undertaken in an appropriate
institution; i.e. a university department, museum or learned society
within the United Kingdom, with a specialist interest in the region.
It is the responsibility of the applicants to approach such an
institution and secure in writing an agreement from them to be host
to their project, to manage the grant, and to provide such resources
(office space, administrative support, etc.) as may be required. In
addition to pursuing their research, the Fellows will be expected to
participate in the activities of the institution (e.g. through
teaching or curatorial work). Preference will be given to
applications which make a positive and desired contribution to the
work of the institution, for example by focussing the research on
part of the collections (in the case of a museum), or complementing
research already in progress. Please note that applications cannot be
made by people already in a tenure-track or permanent post at such an
institution: the intention is to strengthen the work of the
department, museum or society through the addition of a team member
involved in a research project.

The topics and nature of the research project is for the applicant to
decide, but it should include a very significant component of
field-work or study in one of the countries of South Asia. This might
be independent site study, or research in libraries or archives, or
both. The Fellows should also be prepared to give lectures on their
research in appropriate branches of the British Council and in
research institutes in South Asia. The Society may undertake to
support the cost of international travel, but any additional cost for
field-work must be met either from the stipend or from further
applications, either to the Society or to other grant-giving bodies
(including the institutions in which their research is housed).

Candidates should normally be aged 35 or less, and must have
completed a PhD degree before 1 September 2002. Candidates still
registered for a higher degree at that date will be disqualified.

The absolute deadline for receipt of applications and supporting
material is 1 June 2002. Candidates should send applications to: Dr M
Willis, Chairman of the Society for South Asian Studies, Department
of Oriental Antiquities, The British Museum, London WC1B 3DG.

There are no application form. Applications should include:

1.	A detailed description of the proposed research, setting out
its aims and methods, and plans for publication. This statement
should also indicate how the project related to the work of the
proposed host institution (not to exceed 2,000 words).

2.	A curriculum vitae giving details of education, previous
research and publications.

3.	A letter from an appropriate authority in the proposed host
institution undertaking to manage the grant and provide any necessary
resources. A description of what resources (office space, computer
support, etc) the host institution is willing to provide should be
included in this letter.

4.	Letters of reference from two senior scholars familiar with
the candidate's research, to be sent directly to the Chairman of the
Society, to reach him by the deadline.

The Society reserves the right to make only one appointment, or in
the absence of satisfactory applications, to make no appointments in
the current year.

Salary: in the region of £16,000-£18,000 per annum

Special instructions for applicants outside United Kingdom.
Applications are invited from citizens of all countries. For
information regarding universities, museums and learned societies in
the UK, potential applicants are directed to the appropriate British
Council reference library in their country of residence. The Officers
of the Society for South Asian Studies regret that due to a shortage
of staff they are unfortunately unable to suggest affiliations or
help in establishing them. Such arrangements should be made directly
with the appropriate university, learned society or museum in the UK.

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