Early Indian Census Reports

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Mon Feb 11 01:17:02 UTC 2002

Dear List Members,

You might be interested in this new online resource.

Online searchable text versions of the Memorandum on the Census of British India of 1871-72 and the General Report on the Census of India for 1891, are now accessible at this url. http://www.chaf.lib.latrobe.edu.au/census/

The reports contain data on Indian; geography, politics, population, occupations, ethnography, language, race, caste, tribe, literacy, infirmities and sex and age distribution. 
La Trobe University is currently trying to get funding to digitise and post more early Indian Census data on the web. 
To do so we need to demonstrate a National (and International) demand for this data. If you are interested in seeing more such data made available please send an Email to Dr Peter G. Friedlander to express your interest. Please include: your name, the name and address of any institution you are working for or studying at and the kind of research that you might use Census data for.


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