Upcoming Somayaagam in Trissur, Kerala

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Somayaagam 2003

The objective of this article is to inform the
world that it has been
decided to conduct a "Somayaagam", at Vadakke
Madhom Brahmaswom (Brahmaswom
Madhom, M. G. Road, Trissur - 680001 , Kerala,
India, Tel: ++91 487 2440877 ).

The 6-day Somayaagam (Agnistomam) will begin on
6th April, 2003.  The team
headed by Thaikkat Vaidikan Neelakantan
Namboothiri had sworn (by reciting
"Thaitheereeyam Bhaasha" ) in the name of Lord
Dakshinaamoorthy of Sukapuram
to perform the Somayaagam with Puthillam
Ramanujan Namboothiri as
Yajamaanan. He has already commenced the
elaborate preparations. The word
"Yaagam" in Kerala-context is the same as "Yajna"
in other states. The
attractions of the Somayaagam in Kerala is that
all Rithwiks learn all
manthras by heart and chanted in the traditional
style, with vedic accents
like Udaatha, Anudaatha and Svarita as well as
the special hand gestures
("Mudra") that accompany special features of
Vedam recitation. This method
of vedic recitation is believed to release
maximum positive energy for
purifying the environment. It is well known that
large quantity of fumes
arising out of burnt ghee, seeds and vast
quantity of appropriate herbals,
cleanse the environment.


( Data collected and the article prepared by P.
Vinod Bhattathiripad,
Polpaya Mana, Thiruthiyad, Calicut 673004,
Kerala, India. )

For more details, here are the telephone numbers
& e-mail addresses.

1.      P. Vinod Bhattathiripad, Chief Co-ordinator,
namboothiri.com, Calicut &
Joint Secretary of Somayaagam 2003 committee:
0495 - 2720522 (R), 2723522
(R). e-mail: <vinod at namboothiri.com>

2. Olappamanna Damodaran Namboothiripad,
President, Brahmaswom Madhom,
Trissur-1 Tel: 0487-2440877 (O), 0492 - 682383

3.      Vaidikan Thekkat Neelakantan Namboothiri ( For
ritual related queries ):
0494 - 2680896 (R)

4.      V. K. Narayanan Namboothiri, Secretary,
Brahmaswom Madhom, Trissur-1 Tel:
0487-2440877 (O), 0488 - 525383 (R)

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