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The book called Russian Vedas is, in fact, a
compilation based on the folk songs and mythological
stories retold by a modern Russian fantasy writer
A.Barashkov (under pseudonyms Bus Kresen' and Alexandr
Asov). The book came out about 10 years ago. The
edition contained so called Pesni ptitsy Gamaiun
(Songs of the Gamaiun bird) and a Russian translation
of the Vlesova Kniga (The book of Veles). The name
Kryshen' is originally found in the latter, where it
has been listed among the others at the beginning of
the text. All parallels of this character with Krishna
or other similar associations are apparently modern
trends of neo-pagan ideology. There are also other
more or less similar books called Slavic Vedas, Aryan
Vedas and the like.

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> hI> The Chairman of Religius Affairs Comitte en the
> Ural region and researcher of State University of
> the Urals reports the presence of a book called
> Sussian Veda, Its work relates histories liike
> hI> the puranic account of Krisna lila, the hero is
> called Krishen. The cuestion arise, some of your
> erudite persons have notions of the dates of this
> work??? Or do you have the e-mails of this
> hI> University or this Professor??
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