Agastya's Birth in a Pot

Enrica Garzilli garzilli at SHORE.NET
Thu Dec 12 12:22:20 UTC 2002

Yes Mana= Agastya (as in the BD, Macdonell ed.), however, RV.33.11 names
Vasistha *only*, no other possible interpretations. And I mentioned this
only in my msg.



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> garzilli> Actually RV VII.33.11 refers specifically to Vasistha's birth.
> One may also refer to st.13, in which Maana=Agastya is born
> simultaneously (Geldner's note on 13c and his footnote, RV, Vol.I,
> p.237, fn.1). Thus the story goes back to the RV.
> I coundn't find the actual episode of his birth from the pot (besides
> the naming) in the main text of the MBh (Cr.Ed.).
> Tokunaga

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