Agastya's Birth in a Pot

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> Can anyone direct me to Puranic or epic sources regarding Agastya
> being born in a pot. Thanks much.

For a start you may follow the references to Agastya given in:

Epic and Puranic bibliography : (up to 1985) ; annotated and with
indexes / comp. under the chairmanship of Heinrich von
Stietencron by P. Flamm ... Wiesbaden : Harassowitz, 1992
(Purã.na research publications Tübingen ; 3,...)

As for the Mahabharata, Agastya is called "kumbhayoni" several
times, but I'm not aware that the story of his birth is actually told in
the epic. Needless to say, references to Agastya are listed in
Sörensen's Index. As for "kumbhayoni-", you may check the Index
of the "Mahabharata online":
(without the line break!)


Ramachandra Dikshitar, V.R.:
The Purana index . Madras : Madras University 1951-1955
(Madras University Historical series ; 49).
Reprint:  Delhi [u.a.] : Motilal Banarsidass, 1995

Mani, Vettam:
Puranic encyclopaedia : a comprehensive dictionary with special reference
Delhi u.a. : Motilal Banarsidass, 1989 (text references usually of rather poor quality)

Dange, Sadashiv Ambadas:
Encyclopaedia of puranic beliefs and practices. New Delhi : Navrang, 1986-

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