Weights and Measures

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Dear Patrick,

in addition to the hints already given by others you might find further
information on measurements in:

 D.M. Bose et al. A Concise Hostory of Science in India, New Delhi 1971;
O.P. Jaggi, History of Science and Technology, New Dlehi 1969ff.;
G. Pillai, The Way of the Silpis, Allahabad 1948;
and, of course, G. Thibaut, Astronomie, Astrologie und Mathematik,
Strassburg 1899.

If you are interested in the standardisation of measurements you could also
look in my dissertation ("Beweisverfahren in der vedischen Sakralgeometrie",
Hamburg 1878, pp. 73-78, and pp. 156f. on angula.) which includes a
meanwhile outdated but at that time rather conprehensive bibliography on the
ancient vedic geometry, i.e. the Sulvasutras (pp. 201-108).

Best wishes

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> Dear List Members:
> Can anyone direct me to a good secondary source that deals with
> ancient Indian weights and measures (and also perhaps coins)? Thanks.
> Patrick

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