Additional formats for e-texts in GRETIL

Andrew Glass asg at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Thu Dec 5 16:04:01 UTC 2002

Dear Dean

I know of three UTF-8 fonts you can use:

 1.  The Early Buddhist Manuscripts Project's Gandhari Unicode font.
   This font is based on the original URW+ Postscript fonts donated to
   the free software community, has been extended to display the
   special diacritics necessary for Gandhari and comes with Roman,
   Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic styles. It contains more than 700
   glyphs including all diacritics used for Indological transliteration and
   European languages as well as modern Greek, IPA and a complete set
   of Indologically relevant Unicode combining diacritics.  An input
   method for Microsoft Word is provided, as well as a system-wide
   Windows input method so that users can type Unicode characters
   directly into email, databases, spread sheets, etc.  This latter
   input method will work with any of the unicode fonts listed in this
   email.  Gandhari Unicode is free and open source software: it is
   licensed under the GNU General Public License

   2. URW+ Palladio UNI.  This 16-bit Unicode TrueType font includes
   all diacritics defined by ISO 15919 (Transliteration of Indic
   Scripts covering all ancient and modern languages of India).  It
   also includes all diacritics for Western, Central, and Eastern
   European languages so that this font can be used by Indologist
   using pretty much any European language.

   3. Titus Cyberbit Basic.  This font includes, among other
   characters, a (nearly) complete set of Korean, Japanese, and
   Chinese characters.  Bold and Italic variants of this font are not
   yet available.  The font has a size of about 13 MB.  N.B.: The font
   does not provide full coverage of Latin diacritics, Ancient Greek,
   Armenian, Georgian and the like.

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> 2) to make sure that you have a UTF-8 font installed on your
> computer.
> Where can I get the fonts for PC?
> Dean Anderson

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