suggestions for a name for a hospital

jkirk jkirk at SPRO.NET
Sun Aug 25 18:00:19 UTC 2002

Who cares if they don't stress it correctly?  It's a nice musical word full
of vowells and its meaning is so appropriate.

As I recall, kahuuna is a Hawaiian word meaning shaman (or something like).
It has become slang in English as "the big kahuna" meaning the big shot, the
boss, and so on. JK

> But won't they also stress it on the "u" instead of the first "a"?
> Valerie J Roebuck
> Manchester, UK
> PS  What's "kahuna"?
> >I also suggested Karuna, easy to pronounce even if someone doesn't get
the N
> >in the
> >middle of it. In the USA nobody pronounces anything right anyway--how
> >"nuculer" instead of nuclear in the highest echelons?
> >As long as it is not mixed up with kahuna! Joanna K
> >=========================
> >
> >>  > Also, since Tara is a common Irish name - no doubt with good
> >>  > connotations in Gaelic, it won;t seem overly exotic to folks in LA.
> >------------------------------
> >>  But expect puzzled expressions from Japanese folk for whom "tara"
> >>  'cod' :)
> >>
> >>  Best wishes,
> >>  Stephen Hodge
> >>

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