suggestions for a name for a hospital

Valerie J Roebuck vjroebuck at MACUNLIMITED.NET
Wed Aug 21 09:02:26 UTC 2002

Apologies for sending an unfinished and unsigned email to the list.

It seems to me that they need a name that (a) has a suitable meaning;
(b) is easy to pronounce, and sounds pleasant, for people unfamiliar
with Sanskrit (or whatever language is chosen); and (c) doesn't sound
as though it denotes a centre for one religious tradition only.

Valerie J Roebuck
Manchester, UK

>karuNA, "Compassion", is a good word, and I think has just the right
>connotations.  However,it would almost certainly be mispronounced.
>tArA, "star", is also nice, though as it's the name of an important
>Goddess in MahAyAna Buddhism, people might think it was a meditation
>centre.  But "The Tara Care Centre for Children" has a good
>ring--and she *is* a goddess of compassion..

PS  Also to people who didn't know the background, "Tara" might just
sound like a child's name, which would presumably be OK.

>>Hello.Your name was given to me by the Department of Eastern Languages
>>I am a producer here at Imaginary Forces; a film,design, animation and
>>branding production company in Los Angeles.
>>We are involved in a project which I believe to be very special.  We have
>>been asked to come up with a name and then a logo for The Palliative Care
>>Center (a new care facility) which is a sub-unit in UCSF's Children's
>>Hospital.  The palliative care unit is an end of life care unit for
>>children, and it supplies physical, emotional and spiritual support to
>>children and their families during this very difficult time of the child's
>>life.  It is not a hospital with the intention of healing.  More for
>>providing care.
>>This is a project that we are doing pro bono, of course.
>>The director of the facility would like very much to name it a "cultural"
>>(or different than English) name with Sanskrit being a choice language.  We
>>would like some choices of words that has to do with:
>>comforting care, supportive care, compassion, transition with enlightenment
>>or enrichment.
>>or "Starlight" or "Guiding Star"  (the Sanskrit equivelent, if one
>>obviously) could be a nice choice.
>>I am open to the sensitive and other possibilites.....
>>It would be titled:
>>The xxxxxxx  Care Center for Children, or,
>>The xxxxxx Center
>>A Care Center for Children and Their Families
>>It would be interesting to find a word which does not have an exact
>>translation in English, as I am sure many asian languages provide.
>>Yugen           is a Japanese word that means, evidently, an awareness of
>>the universe that triggers feelings too deep and mysterious for words.
>>                 I like this meaning....   the words  ("The Yugen Children's
>>Center" doesn't quite flow however.)
>>Kiva            is a Native American word for an under ground cermonial
>>chamber believed to be an entryway to the spirit world.  (Maybe too serious
>>for this kind of center.  Maybe not)
>>A little bit of whimsy or childlike spirit to it would be great.  Not over
>>the top whimsical.
>>Anyway, I am sure that you can understand what we are trying to find in
>>Sanskrit as good possibilities.
>>If you could help with some possible words, I / we would be ever so
>>Thank you so much.  I look forward to hearing from you.
>>I know that your time is very valuable and so will understand and
>>if you are able or not to spend some time on this.
>>Most sincerely,
>>Phyllis Weisband.
>>Imaginary Forces
>>phyllis at

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