suggestions for a name for a hospital

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Wed Aug 21 06:47:54 UTC 2002

karuNA, "Compassion", is a good word, and I think has just the right
connotations.  However,it would almost certainly be mispronounced.

tArA, "star", is also nice, though as it's the name of an important
Goddess in MahAyAna Buddhism, people might think it was a meditation
centre.  But "The Tara Care Centre for Children" has a good ring--and
she *is* a goddess of compassion..

At 2:56 pm -0700 20/8/02, Silk, Jonathan wrote:
>the following was forwarded to me, and I pass it along in the hope that some
>of you might have a nice suggestion or two to make. If you have anything to
>offer, perhaps the best course is to send your suggestions to me, and then I
>will pass them along. By the way, UCSF = University of California at San
>>Hello.Your name was given to me by the Department of Eastern Languages
>>I am a producer here at Imaginary Forces; a film,design, animation and
>>branding production company in Los Angeles.
>>We are involved in a project which I believe to be very special.  We have
>>been asked to come up with a name and then a logo for The Palliative Care
>>Center (a new care facility) which is a sub-unit in UCSF's Children's
>>Hospital.  The palliative care unit is an end of life care unit for
>>children, and it supplies physical, emotional and spiritual support to
>>children and their families during this very difficult time of the child's
>>life.  It is not a hospital with the intention of healing.  More for
>>providing care.
>>This is a project that we are doing pro bono, of course.
>>The director of the facility would like very much to name it a "cultural"
>>(or different than English) name with Sanskrit being a choice language.  We
>>would like some choices of words that has to do with:
>>comforting care, supportive care, compassion, transition with enlightenment
>>or enrichment.
>>or "Starlight" or "Guiding Star"  (the Sanskrit equivelent, if one
>>obviously) could be a nice choice.
>>I am open to the sensitive and other possibilites.....
>>It would be titled:
>>The xxxxxxx  Care Center for Children, or,
>>The xxxxxx Center
>>A Care Center for Children and Their Families
>>It would be interesting to find a word which does not have an exact
>>translation in English, as I am sure many asian languages provide.
>>Yugen           is a Japanese word that means, evidently, an awareness of
>>the universe that triggers feelings too deep and mysterious for words.
>>                 I like this meaning....   the words  ("The Yugen Children's
>>Center" doesn't quite flow however.)
>>Kiva            is a Native American word for an under ground cermonial
>>chamber believed to be an entryway to the spirit world.  (Maybe too serious
>>for this kind of center.  Maybe not)
>>A little bit of whimsy or childlike spirit to it would be great.  Not over
>>the top whimsical.
>>Anyway, I am sure that you can understand what we are trying to find in
>>Sanskrit as good possibilities.
>>If you could help with some possible words, I / we would be ever so
>>Thank you so much.  I look forward to hearing from you.
>>I know that your time is very valuable and so will understand and
>>if you are able or not to spend some time on this.
>>Most sincerely,
>>Phyllis Weisband.
>>Imaginary Forces
>>phyllis at

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