Chinese in India

George Thompson GthomGt at CS.COM
Sat Aug 17 02:40:38 UTC 2002

Well, strictly speaking the subject of this discussion is supposed to be
"Chinese in India," not "Chinese in the Tarim Basin."  Of course, I
understand that establishing the presence of Chinese in the Tarim Basin at an
early date is a first step toward establishing their presence in India at an
early date.  But craniometrical analyses of early Tarim Basin mummies -- that
is, the work of Hemphill -- is relevant only because it puts into question a
very early contact between an early IE group in Central Asia  and early
Chinese.   ut there is other, non-craniometrical evidence ot consider.  There
is, for example, the lingiuistic evidence presented by Lubotsky in Lubotsky
1998, in a collection of articles on the Tarim Basin edited by V. Mair:
"Tocharian Loan Words in Old Chinese: Chariots, Chariot Gear, and Town

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