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David Magier magier at COLUMBIA.EDU
Thu Aug 8 10:32:59 UTC 2002

Prof. Emmrich,
you've posted this notice on 8 August, but the deadline for applications was
30 September.

David  Magier

At 11:02 AM +0200 8/8/02, Christoph Emmrich wrote:
>The Department of Philology – Institute of Indology – of the University
>of Münster invites applications for a position as
>Professor (C4) for Indology
>(Successor to Prof. Dr. Adelheid Mette)
>Applicants are expected to do research and teaching in the complete
>field of Indology, with emphasis on intellectual history and Indian
>religions (in particular Buddhism). Applicants are also expected to
>participate in joint programs together with Southeast Asian Studies,
>Sinology, Indo-European Studies and Religion Studies. They are also
>expected to participate in all academic examinations, and take over the
>duties of academic administration.
>Candidates from Germany are expected to be qualified by the
>“Habilitation”. This can be replaced by equivalent scientific work of
>candidates from abroad. Candidates from non-German speaking countries
>are expected to be able to teach and coach students in German in due
>Applications of women are specifically invited. In the case of similar
>qualification, competence, and specific achievements, women will be
>considered on preferential terms within the framework of the legal
>Priority will be given to handicapped candidates with equal
>Applications including the pertinent documents (curriculum vitae,
>academic qualifications, certifications, publications and the lists of
>lectures and seminars given) should be send by September 30, 2002 to the
>Dean of the department of Philology of the University of Münster,
>Schlaunstraße 2, 48143 Münster, Germany.
>Please excuse cross-postings.
>Christoph Emmrich
>Classical Indology
>South Asia Institute
>Heidelberg University
>Im Neuenheimer Feld 330
>69120 Heidelberg - Germany
>Tel.: 06221-54-6303
>Fax: 06221-54-6338


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