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I went on line and there was a three line statement, but no way to
order the book. Thanks.


>The first volume in the Halle series "Geisteskultur Indiens. Texte und Studien
>(Indologica halensis)" has been released:
>Bhaskarakantha´s Moksopaya-Tika I. Vairagyaprakaranam. Revised edition in
>Devanagari script by Juergen Hanneder and Walter Slaje.
>(Geisteskultur Indiens. Texte und Studien. 1.) (Indologica halensis).
>Aachen: Shaker 2002. ISBN 3-8322-0217-X. Euro 35,80
>In addition to the revised text the volume contains also introductions in
>Sanskrit and English outlining the present state of research in the
>Moksopaya (/
>Yogavasistha) as well as an updated Moksopaya-bibliography.
>In case of interest, orders may also be placed online:
>With kind regards,
>Walter Slaje
>Prof. Dr. Walter Slaje
>Hermann-Loens-Str. 1, D-99425 Weimar (Germany)
>Tel/Fax: (+49)03643-501391 (office: (+49)0345-55-23650)
>e-mail: slaje at (office: slaje at

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