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Dominik, I can discern some Nepali there
paninahera) and some Skt, I think, but nothing that looks like Newari to

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Mike, does this look like Newari or Nepalese?

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>Subject: Yamagita in Nepal
>The Library of Congress has just been given a 12 ff. manuscript
>apparently missing at least one final page.  There is no final colophon
>and the last p. seems to end in the middle of Sloka 44.  In the margins
>with the folio numbers is the abbreviation Ya. GI.
>The ms begins: ZrIgaNezAya namaH// //ZrIyamAya namaH// //duttagachanti
>bhUrloke. vaiSNavAnAM parittejet//vaiSNavAnAM anAcAri. Zighram ca
>KathitaM prabhU//1//yamarAjAle AgyAganyA. (ryA? tyA?) hedujaho.
>The periods represent dots between two letters, halfway down from the
>F. 12 seems to include a phalastuti of a YamagItA.  The phrase
>yamarAjAle AgyAganyA. (ryA? tyA?), included above, occurs repeatedly in
>the book.
>The donor knows nothing about the ms except that it was from Manang,
>Nepal, and is supposed to be from around 1775.
>The text is clearly in some other language than Sanskrit.
>Does anyone know anything about Yamagitas from Nepal?
>Allen Thrasher
>Library of Congress

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