mccomas mccomas at CRES.ANU.EDU.AU
Mon Apr 15 23:36:45 UTC 2002

May I offer an opinion on Manu?

As a potential user, I like to have all the relevant material open in the
one place. Personally, I prefer interlinear/inter-paragraph texts with
footnotes. Perhaps the bulk of the critical apparatus will not allow this.
What about two 600-page volumes with with half the text/translation
together in each?

For what is is worth, I have put up a completely uncritical bilingual
version of Manu at

Here is a quick-and-easy screen grab of what I have done:

With greetings


At 02:37  15/04/02 -0500, you wrote:
>This is an unusual request, but since an edition is intended to be
>USEFUL to the readers, I thought I would canvas your opinions.
>As many of you know, I am in the final stages of preparing the
>critical edition of the Manava Dharmasastra. The question is whether
>to publish it in a single but large volume, or to divide it into two
>volumes. I have to resolve this in the next month or two, because the
>placing of the notes will be determined by this decision. The
>edition, translation, critical apparatus, notes, indices, etc will
>run to approximately 1200 pages. I have been told that it is
>technically possible to produce a volume with that many pages.
>If it is divided into two volumes, one will contain the text and the
>other the translation, with the rest divided between the two.
>The question is whether two volumes or a single volume would serve
>the reader best. I would very much appreciate your thoughts and your
>vote. Thanks.

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