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Thu Apr 4 10:12:35 UTC 2002

I would like to announce a new publication from Kathmandu thinking that it
may interest some of the members of  INDOLOGY list. This is a collection of
articles and is entitled Adarsha and is no. 2 in its series. Adarsha is an
English-language supplement to Purnima, a Nepali-language journal published
from Kathmandu and carrying papers on Nepalese history, epigraphy and other
antiquities and  several discipines of Sanskrit studies as well.
The first issue of Purnima was published in 1964 and now its 103rd issue is
on the market.
As Purnima is in Nepali, it is not well known outside Nepal. Rather it
sometimes falls a prey to plagiarism, as far as articles on Nepal concern.
Some of its issues and the same group's other publications contain papers on
the chronology professed in the Vedangajyautisha and  also on comparisons
between Indian and Greek mathematics and astronomy. However, these
contributions are practically unnoticed outside Nepal.
Adarsha in English language was founded in 1993 with an aim of disseminating
the research of Purnima group to a wider circle. However, it took us eight
years and a half to issue its second number because we have practically no
institutional and financial support.
The present number of Adarsha opens with an article that bases on the
Arthashastra of Kautalya and tries to explain causes of some  historical
episodes in the Indian subcontinent such as the Mutiny of 1857. The second
and the third papers review one of the volumes of An Encyclopaediac
Dictionary of Sanskrit in Historical Principles and two edited texts on the
Gandhashastra, published in a single volume in the Gaekwad's Oriental Series
in 1989, respectively. The fourth article is a step towards a historical
seismicity of Nepal. It supplies  descriptions of four major earthquakes
that struck the Kathmandu Valley during a period spanning the 13th to 19th
centuries. The fifth carries texts and English translations of 27
administrative documents from Nepal. The last article tries to solve the
problem of AgnidaNDa, about which I posted a querry on INDOLOGY on 27
September 2001.
               A supplement to Purnima, the journal
                   of the Samshodhana-mandala
                                No. 2
Publisher    Pundit Publications, Kathmandu
Pp. 158        Price   Nepalese Rupees 350.00
Available in Kathmandu's leading bookshops

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