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Subject: Resources/Networks of the Harvard Forum for Central Asian Studies
From: John Schoeberlein, Director, Harvard Forum for Central Asian Studies
       President, Central Eurasian Studies Society
Re:   Resources/Networks of the Harvard Forum for Central Asian Studies

Dear Mr. Dominik Wujastyk:

I outline below a number of information resources and networks which I hope
will be of interest to you.  Central Eurasia is understudied and it is
generally difficult to get good information about the region.  The Harvard
Forum for Central Asian Studies is working on a number of fronts to address
this problem by promoting information exchange and building of the field of
study.  With heightened focus on Afghanistan and the region, now is an
opportune time to bring these resources to wider attention.  Please help to
pass this on to anyone you know who would be interested.

The resources/networks described below include:
  * The Central Eurasian Studies Society
  * The <CentralAsia-L> Announcement List for Central Asian Studies
  * The Central Asia Experts Directory (an on-line resource)
  * Dissertations in Central Asian Studies (on-line)
  * Guide to Scholars of Central Asia (print publication)
  * <Central Asian Studies World Wide>

You are encouraged to visit the web addresses listed below, or to contact
us via e-mail for more information about specific items or to sign up for
any of the resources/networks.

More information about Central Asia/Eurasia is available on the <Central Asian
Studies World Wide> website (  Note that we
use the terms "Central Asia" and "Central Eurasia" in more or less the same
meaning, encompassing a broad region from Mongolia to the Black Sea and
Afghanistan to Siberia.

I write to you because you are in our database as someone with interest
in/commitment to Central Eurasia.  We send a broad mailing such as this about
once a year to provide an update on resources which may interest you.  If your
interest in the region is not sufficient to justify our writing to you, please
let us know and we'll take note accordingly.

Please also let us know if your e-mail address changes so that we can stay in
contact.  If you receive more than one copy of this note from me, please let us
know the duplicate addresses so that we can avoid this in future.

Thank you for your interest!


John Schoeberlein

Director, Harvard Forum for Central Asian Studies
   +  e-mail: <centasia at>
   +  web: <>
President, Central Eurasian Studies Society
   +  e-mail: <CESS at>
   +  web: <>
Chief Editor, <Central Asian Studies World Wide>
   +  web: <>

    by the Harvard Forum for Central Asian Studies


[1] Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS)

   A scholarly association with a worldwide membership of people who are
   committed to building the study of Central Eurasia in the humanities and
   social sciences.  The Central Eurasian Studies Society holds an annual
   conference (this year: 17-20 Oct., Madison, Wisconsin), and publishes
   the Central Eurasian Studies Review, among other activities.  Current
   membership includes about 750 people in over 50 countries.

   CESS information/on-line publications:
   To Register as a Member:
   To Sign Up for the CESS Occasional Mailing List (infrequent notices
   regarding CESS meetings, publications, and other activities):

   If you are at the upcoming ASN conference in New York, 11-13 April 2002,
   join us for a short CESS Informational Meeting at Friday 12 April,
   6:45 pm in Room 1512.

ANNOUNCEMENT LISTS (via listserver):

[2] <CentralAsia-L> - Announcement List for Central Asian Studies

   The widest reaching media in Central Eurasian studies.  Distributes
   notices via e-mail about conferences, publications, grants, jobs and
   other matters of interest to people studying Central Asia/Eurasia.
   Over 3,200 subscribers worldwide.

   Contact: owner-CentralAsia-L at
   For information, or to subscribe, visit the webpage:
   To view the archive of past announcements, visit:

[3] Note: there is a separate announcement list covering events/resources
   at Harvard University -- information/subscription:


[4] "Central Asia Experts Directory"

   Provides a link between those who have expertise to offer on Central
   Asia and those who need it.  Useful for journalists, international
   organizations, government, business...  Currently, the Experts Directory
   contains about 200 experts on politics, international relations, economy,
   the environment, social issues, and cultural and historical background.

   To access the Directory or submit your information, visit:

[5] "Dissertations in Central Asian Studies"

   Comprehensive information on the current generation of young scholarship
   on Central Eurasia as reflected in Ph.D. and equivalent dissertations which
   have been completed in the past 8-10 years.  This guide helps to identify
   unpublished work of interest to those selecting dissertation topics,
   organizing conferences, etc.  Currently, the Dissertations in Central Asian
   Studies pages contain over 250 dissertations.  Please help to ensure that
   your university/department's graduates are fully represented.

   To access the listing or submit information, visit:


[6] "Guide to Scholars of Central Asia"

   The second edition of the Guide to Scholars is due for publication soon.
   This will contain comprehensive information about over 3,000 scholars world
   wide in the society, politics, culture and history of Central Asia from the
   Caucasus to Mongolia.  The first edition is sold out after two printings --
   there is still time to include your data in the new edition if you are a
   qualified scholar.

   For more information, pre-orders, and to submit your data:


[7] <Central Asian Studies World Wide>

   <Central Asian Studies World Wide> is a central source for information
   relevant to the study of Central Asia:  Central Asian studies research and
   training institutions, publications, conferences, contacts, and much more.
   We are interested to hear from those who might volunteer to serve as
   regional and thematic correspondents to help cover all aspects of Central
   Asian studies.

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