Teeth of the Rhino

Muneo TOKUNAGA mtokunag at BUN.KYOTO-U.AC.JP
Fri Sep 28 12:07:47 UTC 2001

mtokunag> ``It (the Asiatic Twohorned Rhinoceros: Didermocerus sumatrensis) is
mtokunag> further distinguished by having a single pair of lower front teeth
mtokunag> instead of two pairs as in the Great Indian Onehorned (Hindi gainda,

I found Dr. Thrasher's mail afterwards.

skullsunlimited.com/Rhinoceros.htm, an interesting webpage pointed out
by him, shows a picture of Sumatran Rhinoceros (Dicerorhinus
sumatrensis)' skull apparently with teeth on both jaws. (I cannot read
the dental formula.) Perhaps I misunderstood the words `single pair'
and `two pairs' in Prater's description above. For me, the question
posed by Prof. Olivelle still remains.


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