Kavya in South India

George Hart ghart at SOCRATES.BERKELEY.EDU
Tue Sep 18 02:08:45 UTC 2001

Dear Professor Tieken,

I am reviewing your book for JAOS, and will be giving it my closest
attention.  As I said, my comments on this list were based on the
blurb on the cover -- obviously, they are preliminary.  Your thesis
as stated there is quite intriguing, but it's so radical that I have
trouble with it, especially as it conflicts with so much evidence and
so much scholarship.  In any case, I look forward to reading the book
in an unbiased way and reporting further.  I am using this public
forum, as you have written me in that way.  We will certainly look
forward to your lecturing at Berkeley when you visit -- whether we
agree or not, I do not doubt that our interaction could stimulate
interesting ideas and insights.  Sincerely, George Hart, Prof. of
Tamil, Univ. of California, Berkeley


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