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Axel Michaels (ed.)
The Pandit: Traditional Scholarship in India (Festschrift Paramesvara
Delhi: Manohar, 2001;  260 pp., ? Rs.
(South Asia Institute, New Delhi Branch, Heidelberg University; South
Asian Studies, No. XXXVIII)


Foreword by Hermann Berger

I. Introduction
Ashok Aklujkar, Pandita and Pandits in History.
Axel Michaels, Traditional Sanskrit Learning in Contemporary India.

II. Roles and Functions
Ashok Aklujkar, The Pandits from a pinda-brahmanda Point of View.
Axel Michaels, The Pandit as a Legal Adviser: rajguru, rajpurohita and
Christopher M. Minkowski, The Pandit as a Public Intellectual: The
Contoversy over virodha or Inconsistency in the Astronomical Sciences

III: Traditions and Biographies
Bettina Bäumer, Tantric Pandits in Varanasi: A Brief Survey.
Jim Benson, Shamkarabhatta's Family Chronicle: The Gadhivamshavarnana.
Madhav M. Deshpande, Pandit and Professor: Transformations in the 19th
Century Maharashtra.
Monika Horstmann, A Pandit among the Modernists and a Modernist among
the Pandits.

IV. Transmission and Scholarship
Johannes Bronkhorst, Traditional and Modern Sanskrit Scholarship: How Do
They Relate to Each Other?
Harry Falk, The Galitas in the Rigveda Padapatha: On the Origins of the
Samhitapatha and the Padapatha.
Gaya Caran Tripathi, Samskritapandulipinam samrakshane
Albrecht Wezler, Some Remarks on Nirukta 1.20 sakshatkrtadharmana
rishayo, etc.

(copies can be ordered from Manohar Pblishers, 4753/23 Ansari Rd,
Daryaganj, New Delhi 110033, e-mail: manbooks at

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