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VidyArNavavandanam. Essays in Honour of Asko Parpola. Edited by Klaus
Karttunen and Petteri Koskikallio. 511 p. Studia Orientalia 94. Helsinki
2001. ISSN 0039-3282 ISBN 951-9380-52-3. Price 250 Finnish Marks.

Sold by:
Bookstore Tiedekirja
Kirkkokatu 14
FIN-00170 Helsinki, Finland
Tel +358 9 635 177
Fax +358 9 635 017
e-mail: tiedekirja at pp.kolumbus.fi

Preface (Klaus Karttunen)
Select Bibliography of Asko Parpola’s Publications (Petteri Koskikallio)
Tabula Gratulatoria

Bakker, Hans: DakSiNAmUrti
Bodewitz, Henk: The saMvargavidyA and its Context in Two SAmavedic Texts
Brockington, John: Indra in the Epics
Bronkhorst, Johannes: The Origin of MImAMsA as a School of Thought
Eichinger Ferro-Luzzi, Gabriela: Reflections of Hindu Mythology in Tamil Folktales
Elizarenkova, T. Y.: Contribution to the Functioning of dvA´r-/du´r- in
the Rgveda
Falk, Harry: Suicidal Self-Scorching in Ancient India
Fujii, Masato: The Brahman Priest in the History of Vedic Texts
Gail, Adalbert J.: AmoghapAza-Lokezvara in Orissa
Gerow, Edwin: Why the Fish Laughed, and Other Matters Relating to (the
Indian Indian Sense of) “Humor”
Hämeen-Anttila, Virpi: Back to ZunaHzepa: Remarks on the Gestation of
the Indian Literary Narrative
Handelman, Don: Cosmos Encrusted: Ziva, Andhaka, BhRGgin, and the
Emptying of Infinity
Hara, Minoru: A Note on the Sanskrit Verb pA-
Heesterman, J. C.: Gift, Marriage and the Denial of Reciprocity
Hiltebeitel, Alf: BhISma's sources
Houben, Jan E. M.: The Vedic horse-sacrifice and the changing use of the
term ahiMsA: An Early Insertion in TB 3.9.8?
Howard, Wayne: PrAcIna Kauthuma traditions of South India: Letters from
L. S. Rajagopalan , 1985–1988
Jamison, Stephanie: The Rigvedic SvayaMvara? Formulaic Evidence
Karttunen, Klaus: Studies in the GRhya Prayogas of the JaiminIya
SAmaveda 2. SthAlIpAka
Knipe, David M.: Balancing raudra and zAnti: Rage and Repose in States
of Possession
Koivulehto, Jorma: Zum frühen iranischen und indoiranischen
lexikalischen Einfluss auf das Finnisch-Ugrische
Mahadevan, Iravatham: Indus-like Symbols on Megalithic Pottery: New Evidence
Mylius, Klaus: Einige Aufgaben der Jinismus-Forschung zu Beginn des 3. Jahrtausends
Padoux, André: mantra, devatA, ‘mantradevatA’. Quelques observations sur
les mantras tantriques
Potts, Daniel: A “Lost” Seal from Harappa in the Nicholson Museum
Sarianidi, V.: Indo-Iranian problem in the light of the latest
excavations in Margiana
Smith, Frederick M.: The Recent History of Vedic Ritual in Maharashtra
Smith, William: StrIrAjya: Indian Accounts of Kingdom of Women
Tikkanen, Bertil: Burushaski --skir ‘Father-in-law’ and --skus ‘Mother-inlaw’
Vasilkov, Jaroslav: Indo-Iranian Vayu and Gogolean Viy: An Old
Hypothesis Revisited
Witzel, Michael: A First Link between the Rgvedic Panjab and
Mesopotamia: zimbala/zalmali, and GISgisimmar

Klaus Karttunen, Ph.D.
Docent of Indology and Classical Ethnography
Institute of Asian and African Studies
PL 59 (Unioninkatu 38 B), 00014 University of Helsinki, FINLAND
phone 358-0-19122188, fax 358-0-19122094

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