Yoga in 6 a;ngas

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Kengo wrote:

>In consistent with these and other accounts on the 6 a"nga yoga, the
>first reference Vielle Christophe quotes (those two fragments are not
>conntinuous, are they?) seems to refer to ``yoga dharmas---yama,
>etc.---and 6 a"ngas''.  But honestly, it is hard to tell without
>knowing how the word ends.
>I've never seen 6 a"nga yoga that includes yama and niyama as a"ngas.

Here are the two zlokas, from an unpublished PurANic text (VaiSNava without
being sectarian, viz. "smArta", dated from arround the sixth century A.D.)
I am preparing a critical edition with a little team of scholars in
Louvain-la-Neuve (cf. C. Vielle, "An Introduction to the JaiminIyasaMhitA
of the BrahmaNDapurANa", in M. Brockington ed., Stages and Transitions:
temporal and historical frameworks in epic and purANic literature.
Proceedings of the Second DICSEP, Zagreb, 2001, in press), in a speculative
portion (studied by Sandra Smets for a Ph.D) dealing with VedAnta
(including also long discussion about embryology and cosmology), and within
that portion, in the last, soteriological, chapter (51), which begins by
enumerating the qualities for mokSa.

Zl. 1:  AcAryopAsanaM yogaH ZAstranaipuNyam eva ca

Zl. 20: vizuddhena svadharmeNa tattvajJAnabalena ca
        saSaDaGgena yogena vairAgyeNa balIyasA

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