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Jean-Luc Chevillard jlc at CCR.JUSSIEU.FR
Wed Nov 7 17:51:18 UTC 2001

Dear R. Gruenendahl,

GRETIL seems to be a very useful initiative
for which all involved should be congratulated
(this is a huge effort and the result is already impressive).

As far as Classical Tamil is concerned,
you should add to your GRETIL page
the following link to "Project Madurai"

I suppose they will agree to have a link to their site,
as the Welcome page states that:
"The etext files distributed FREE under the auspices of Project Madurai"
  are for the personal usage of the individuals. Redistribution of these files
  in electronic or other forms to third parties and in the Web are prohibited,
  without prior permission obtained from Project Madurai authorities. "

If in doubt, you can certainly check with Dr K. Kalyanasundaram.
He can be reached at <mailto://>

I should add that I am aware of other digitalizing projects
but their output is not freely available for the moment.

Best wishes

   (CNRS, University Paris7,  Linguistics department, UMR7597)

At 11:15 07/11/01 +0000, you wrote:
>Dear colleagues,
>please note that
>the Goettingen Register of Electronic Texts in Indian Languages,
>is now available on an experimental basis under:
>GRETIL is intended as a cumulative register of the numerous download
>sites for electronic texts in Indian languages. It registers only
>e-texts that are freely available for scholarly purposes and can be
>employed for word search etc. in a standard word processing
>The register is still under construction, and some links may not be
>functional at present.
>I sincerely hope that GRETIL is in accordance with the intentions of
>all those who have made the registered e-texts available through
>their unselfish efforts.
>R. Gruenendahl
>Dr. Reinhold Gruenendahl
>Niedersaechsische Staats- und Universitaetsbibliothek
>Fachreferat sued- und suedostasiatische Philologien
>(Dept. of Indology)
>37070 Goettingen
>Tel (+49) (0)5 51 / 39 52 83
>Fax (+49) (0)5 51 / 39 23 61
>gruenen at
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