The list is now open again

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UCL.AC.UK
Thu Jul 12 09:51:16 UTC 2001

In April this year, 2001, the INDOLOGY list was closed down for the
reasons discussed in my message of 15 April, at

After a period of reflection and consolidation, and with a tremendous
amount of help and support from colleagues who have formed a new committee
to guide INDOLOGY in the future, a decision has been made to reopen the

In future, INDOLOGY will be run on rather different lines than formerly.
The main points are:

1/ Membership will be closed to the public.  To join the list, you will
        need to make an application to the INDOLOGY committee, with
        supporting evidence of your scholarly credentials in classical
        Indian studies.
2/ The archive of messages will be open to all, so anyone can
        read the discussion if they wish.

There are some subsidiary issues, and the committee will adjust the
working of the group in response to our experiences as we go along.

These innovations are designed to achieve a few important goals.  First,
the establishment of the committee broadens out the responsibility for the
list in an important way.  The running of the list is now subject to the
consensus of a qualified group, not the foibles of an individual :-)
Second, the requirement that list participants should be qualified
professional scholars of classical India is designed to help the INDOLOGY
conversation avoid the excesses which contributed to its closing in

These changes to the INDOLOGY are a return to its roots, and its original
purpose as a forum for people engaged in the professional study of
pre-modern South Asian history and culture.

With best wishes for a fruitful discussion,

Dominik Wujastyk, London
        and The INDOLOGY Committee:
Madhav Deshpande, Michigan
Birgit Kellner, Vienna
Christian Wedemeyer, Copenhagen
Gary Tubb, New York
Harunaga Isaacson, Hamburg
John Brockington, Edinburgh
Jan Houben, Leiden

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