Fw: Sanskrit Vimilakirti

Thu Dec 20 13:20:11 UTC 2001

Michael Witzelwrote:

> For the rest, I guess L. Sanders has it right: a copy of a an earlier one
> with a Gopala (Pala dyn.) time colophon that was copied into the new 1200
> CE copy.

If the photos are actually the VKS, then this makes sense from other
aspects.  Most of the Skt mss found in Tibet would have be taken there
during the 11/12th centuries as one can see from Sankrityayana's finds -- I
would be surprised many, if any, earlier mss from the snga-dar period would
have survived, quite apart from the paper problem.

It is also interesting to note that the Japanese report states that the
Taisho University group had the text (in photographic form) back in 1999 but
had not identified the VKS since it was included in another Skt ms with a
different title.  Ah, the speed of modern scholarship.

Bets wishes,
Stephen Hodge

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