Query: Did classical Indian philosophers revise their works?

Jan E.M. Houben j_e_m_houben at YAHOO.COM
Wed Dec 19 08:46:24 UTC 2001

To really proof a revision we would need, as Kengo
observes, two subsequent autographs of a work. Does
anyone know of proven autographs (even just single
ones)? They cannot be expected except for relatively
late authors, or in case a manuscript has escaped the
Indian unfavorable climatic conditions for long
preservation (e.g. those which went into Tibetan
Though not a work on philosophy, it has been suggested
on the basis of the then available evidence that the
Dharma-Caurya-Rasaayana was an autograph (Aklujkar in
Palsule felicitation, 1996). As I argue in a
forthcoming review of A. Passi's new edition and
Italian translation of this work (Milano, 2001), the
manuscript evidence reported by Passi forces us to
give up the theory of scribe=author and
manuscript=autograph, although this is not the
conclusion drawn by Passi himself.
Jan Houben

--- Kengo Harimoto <kharimot at SAS.UPENN.EDU> wrote:
> [I hope this mail gets through since I am using a
> back-up system.]
> >May I refer you to my mini-paper "Changing One's
> Mind" in the Journal Of
> >Indian Philosophy 23(1995)53-55 or do you know it
> already?
> Speaking of the Vivra.na on the Yogabhaa.sya, there
> are some places where I
> suspect revisions.
> For example, the Vivara.na on YBh 1.24 introduces
> Ideally, discovery of two autographed manuscripts
> would be a rather strong
> evidence.  However, it does not seem to occur any
> time soon.
> --
> kengo

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