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The Vallabha sampradaya has a major presence around the Gopal Mandir in
Varanasi, as Edwin points out. The way you can tell if it's Vallabha's
Subodhinii (or a subcommentary on that) is by the chapter numbering.
Vallabha does not regard as authoritative three of the early chapters of
the BhP. So, if the text is Vallabha's rasapancadhyayi section, the
chapters will begin their numbering with 10.26 rather than 10.29.

Fred Smith

>Toke Lindegaard Knudsen wrote:
>> On 6 Dec 2001, at 7:55, George Hart wrote:
>> > You have not mentioned the script your manuscript is written in.  That
>> > might help identify it.
>> You are right, thank you for pointing it out.  The script is
>> Devanagari; the MS is from the area around Varanasi and most
>> likely written in the first half of the 19th century.
>Varanasi might be a useful clue: I would check Vallabh sources if Sridhara
>and the Gaudiya and sources you mention have proved fruitless.  They are a
>Vaishnava community that have maintained a distinct presence in Varanasi
>(unlike the Gaudiyas) and dominate a surprisingly large area of the city
>around the thriving Gopalji Mandir in the heart of the city (containing the
>Vallabhi's 2nd or maybe 3rd most important deity).
>Edwin Bryant.
>> Sincerely,
>> Toke Lindegaard Knudsen

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