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Jan E.M. Houben j_e_m_houben at YAHOO.COM
Mon Aug 27 20:34:39 UTC 2001

The Third International Vedic Workshop, "The Vedas:
Texts, Language and Ritual"

will take place in Leiden from Wednesday May 29 to
Sunday June 2, in the year 2002. The workshop is being
organized under the joint auspices of Leiden
University's Kern Institute of Indology, the
Department of Comparative linguistics, and the
International Institute of Asian Studies, with
Professors H.W. Bodewitz and A.M. Lubotsky as

The academic program will start on Thursday May 30
with a panel on "The Religion of the Rigveda". The
main part of the workshop, Friday through Sunday, will
consist of a number of brief papers on various topics
concerning Vedic texts, language and ritual.

Paper-proposals in the form of abstracts (up to 500
words) are invited of prospective participants.
Admission will be strictly on the basis of the
abstract. The topic and methodology should suit the
tradition of these Vedic workshops (Harvard 1989,
Kyoto 1999; for an orientation: see the proceedings of
the first International Vedic Workshop, held at
Harvard University in June 1989, published as Inside
the Texts, Beyond the Texts: New Approaches to the
Study of the Vedas, ed. by M. Witzel, 1997).

The organizing committee for the present 3rd IVW:

Professors H.W. Bodewitz and A.M. Lubotsky, Dr. J.E.M.
Houben, Drs. A. Griffiths

contact emailaddresses:
J.E.M.Houben at
A.Griffiths at

Instituut Kern, Universiteit Leiden

Postbus 9515

NL-2300 RA Leiden, the Netherlands

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