URLs for a Hinduism course

Christian Lee Novetzke cln4 at COLUMBIA.EDU
Mon Aug 27 16:14:31 UTC 2001

Professor Deshpande,

I have a collection of about 100-150 URLs concerning Hinduism and other
South Asian religions.  On each of these, I have a four or five sentence
summary and evaluation.  I compiled the list while working for Encyclopedia
Britannica's Britannica Internet Guide.  You can check the latter at
www.britannica.com for more URLs.  I can send to you the sites I
reviewed.  The files are large so I should send them off-list.  I can also
send them to anyone else who is interested.

In addition, you might ask Fran Pritchett, who I believe has compiled her
own extensive list for use in her teaching.


At 03:39 PM 8/27/01 +0100, you wrote:
>Hello Colleagues,
>      I am trying to find a good academically appropriate collection of
> URLs which would be helpful as a
>source of information on Hinduism for undergraduate students.  Something
>that would cover from IE
>background and Harappan Civilization to modern times.  Has anyone put
>together such a collection of
>URLs?   Best,
>                                                Madhav Deshpande

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