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Dear colleagues,

We are planning to compile a list of all publications for which material
(manuscripts, xylographs, historical documents, etc.) microfilmed by the
Nepal-German Manuscript Preservation Project (NGMPP) was used, i.e.
editions, translations, studies, be it articles or books.

If you have published anything using NGMPP material, we would appreciate
it if you could send us a list of these publications.

Information on publications involving texts in Sanskrit, Nepali, Newari,
and other South Asian languages should be emailed to

Johannes Vagt:  fo0a003 at or
Michael Zimmermann:  fo0a002 at

Information on publications involving texts in Tibetan
should be emailed to
Orna Almogi:  fo0a004 at

  With best regards,

    the NGMPP team, University of Hamburg, Germany

PS Please note that the NGMPP doesn't have a representative in Nepal at
present. If you wish to order microfilms, please contact the National
Archives in Kathmandu directly. The contact details are to be found on our


Michael Zimmermann
Nepal-German Manuscript Preservation Project (NGMPP)
University of Hamburg
Institute for India and Tibet
Neue Rabenstr. 3
20354 Hamburg

tel.:  +49-40-42838 6267
fax:  +49-40-42838 6944
email: fo0a002 at

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