On S. Farmer . . .

David Salmon dsalmon at SALMON.ORG
Sun Apr 15 18:12:36 UTC 2001

Dr. Farmer,

If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

I warned you when you began that your intemperate remarks would bring a lot
more trouble than you might be ready for.  Instead, you have have persisted
in inflammatory statements, and have drawn the not-unsurprising fire of your
opponents.  Now you cry about it.

A wise man, in Indian culture, keeps his cool and does not become angry.
Every intemperate remark you make cements your image as a person of little
wisdom and much eagerness to inflame.  I fail to see any large difference
between you and your critics.  While your goals are be distinct, your
methods are equally insulting and inflammatory on subjects that mean just as
much to those you insult.  You have made yourself an easy target, and
tarnished the reputation of scholarly research in the eyes of far too many
Indians.  Up to this point, you have done as much harm as good, and now have
brought this list down with you.

Why don't you take Prof. Mueller's advice, if not mine, and in future write
"sine ira et studio"?  But then people might forget you . . . ?


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From: "Steve Farmer" <saf at safarmer.com>

> I hate to continue on this vein, but I feel it is necessary to
> add one more message to this thread.
> The attacks on me . . . . We are regular targets . . . . The
>  attacks are coordinated . . . .  . After awhile, all this starts to
> take its emotional toll...
> . . .
> I would prefer that this thread end here and that we go on to
> other things. But I also want people to know -- if they don't
> already -- that these people are not just casual crackpots. They
> have a big political agenda in mind and full-time people working
> on their slanderous campaign.
> S. Farmer

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