On S. Farmer, also on invasion

Bhadraiah Mallampalli vaidix at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Apr 14 11:50:08 UTC 2001

Prof Witzel,

>It should be pointed out, however that the Indological position has
> >changed considerably..

It is nice to know, but popular perceptions about AIT have not changed in
the west probably because your research remained in lab and it had not
spread to masses "in the countries who provide grants to your universities"
like Germany and US. (I don't expect you to solve world hunger).

>They merely picked out my criticism of the present wave of nationalistic
>rewriting of Indian history of 2600-500 (BCE, that is!).

On the contrary you are worried that VOI publications may spread falsehood
among Indians and make them more nationalistic. Please be assured that no
hell will fall on India.

The danger of false perception among public is universal, and scholars must
do something for the country that supports them. But why this special effort
about India ignoring your own svadharma? paradharmo bhayAnakaH.

The reason why Rajaram, Talageri get accepted is because it is refreshing to
see something different. They will also become obsolete if they are wrong
and time will tell. No one had promoted their findings in this list except
via URLs, but there was over reaction from all sides.

All the best for your ventures. It is true that there are several scenarios,
so we like to have a structured decision tree of possibilities instead of
one final version.

Best Regards

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