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Ven. Tantra troyoga at YAHOO.COM
Fri Apr 13 17:17:26 UTC 2001

A poster wrote:

<< By comparing the Indo-Germanic languages one finds ... connections,
esp. between Sanskrit - German/English - Latin � Thai... >>

I believe here the writer has simply � though perhaps too casually -
remarked that by investigating Indo-European languages one also becomes
aware of such derived loan words in the Thai language. I am positive the
writer is fully aware that Thai is not an IE language, and I personally
would not have interpreted the above sentence as declaring so.

Witzel however writes:

<<It is news to linguists that Thai is an Indo-European language. They
know, however,  that it has many Skt.,/Pkt. loanwords.>>

Yes, both directly and via Khmer and Malay. And don�t forget Pali and the
odd Tamil.

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