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Wed Apr 11 20:45:50 UTC 2001

Am Mit, 11 Apr 2001 schrieb Dominik Wujastyk:

> I noticed a new book by Elst which has the title "Update on the Aryan
> Invasion Debate".  I'm unaware that there exists such a debate.  Am I
> alone in thinking this?  I thought that any idea of an invasion as such
> was discredited thirty years ago.


That book is not so very new. One chapter in it is about me (or rather:
Elst's vision of me, inspired by what I had written years back in the
Indian Express in response to a piece by N.S. Rajaram) and led to an
exchange of messages here in September 1999, in which Dr. Elst
persisted in perpetuating a lie and twisting my writing beyond
recognition, meanwhile making a few more gaffes and then bowing out
with feigned indignation. The whole episode is packaged at two places:


Rohan Oberoi's brief analysis of how the 'AIT debate' 'continues' is
quite accurate. I have also posted a rather explicit example of how
the phoney debate is used for propagating very modern political views:


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