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Wed Apr 11 18:24:24 UTC 2001

There are fundamental differences between Sitaram Goel's VOI and RSS. To
equate all to RSS is like saying every western Indologist is a McCaulay.
Please check this..


The rual population in India doesn't know or care about AIT. Rural folk
hardly travel beyond 50 miles from their village all their life. Most urban
dwellers heard about AIT, Aryans and Dravidians, but they hardly get worked
up because they hadn't seen any vedic text other than an occassional copy of
gIta in a friend's house. To them an "aryan invasion that brought vedas" is
no different from an Italian invasion of America in 16th century that
brought pizza technology. The committed Sanskrit and veda followers don't
care where vedic tribes originated, as long as they are told that vedic
people were sovereign in the lands they lived, travelled or migrated.

There are scholars who want to find the truth, but the "acrimonius debate"
in India is limited to left and right wing scholars. Left wingers still
quote nehruvian AIT and right wingers are opposing for different reasons. To
me it is all a storm in a tea cup or at best some masala for news papers.
The national interest in the debate is a recent phenomenon, but history has
proven that all issues are quickly forgotten replaced by new ones. A good
debate may help both sides, for seling literature and stuff.

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