Ivo Fiser article, Kamasutra

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Dear Mr. Cahill,

In regard to your request for an article by Ivo Fiser on the text
history of the Kamasutra I know only of the following one:
Paali vinaya and Sanskrit kaama-shaastra in the Festschrift Anthony
Kennedy Warder. This has been published in the collected essays
entitled South Asian Studies Papers = Studies in Buddhism, vol.
5(1993). The article is on pp 57-65.
Perhaps this might be what you are looking for.


George Baumann

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> Indologists (and others),
>    Ivo Fiser, the author of *Indian erotics of the oldest period* (Praha:
> 1966), contributed an article on the text history of the Kamasutra to a
> European journal (WZKS) sometime between 1991-1996 if memory serves.  I'd
> appreciate the full reference if anyone has it.
> best,
> Tim Cahill
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