Idiom, and, Grammar, (and, chariots, again!)

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Tue Apr 10 04:05:10 UTC 2001

>S.Farmer wrote:
>Totally ridiculous. 6.75 is an *explicit* hymn to war weaponry. 6.75.7
>gives vivid images of enemies being trampled by the chariot horses.

How does - trampling by horses -  give any information about the
kind of chariot ?
Isnt the chariot the point of our discussion ?

>(Bad traffic problems in Rgveda Land?) 6.75.8, where we find the
>ratha-vaahana, 6.75.9, and other verses following contain repeated
>references to weapons and to images of war. What we find there is hardly
>any "generic wheeled contraption."

My question remains - any wheeled vehicle could have been used
how does one draw any more conclusions ?

Let us get back to the issue -
I have already given you a quotation from Sparreboom which indicates
that there were many kinds of wheeled vehicles already existing
in IVC before the coming of the Aryans.

I am assuming that you think that the two-wheeled fast chariot
was brought in by the incoming Aryans and that is the kind
of chariot mentioned in 6.75

If so, my question to you is - how do you know what kind of vehicle is being
used in 6.75 ?

If you think that is not the case that is fine too - but
please give me an example in the RV where one can identify a
kind of chariot that has been brought in by the Aryans as opposed to a
indigenous wheeled vehicle of the IVC people.

Also, I will also greatly appreciate your response to Dr.Kochhar's

Thank you.

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