Tag-Team Wrestling [Commentary on the film]

Ven. Tantra troyoga at YAHOO.COM
Sun Apr 8 05:50:21 UTC 2001

Dear Mike Witzel & Steven Farmer. A gleaming smile breaks across my
daughter�s face as she hears you rasping at the microphones again. She
sees you dressed in your ferocious get ups as coast-to-coast professional
tag-team duo threatening to destroy all upstart contenders or anyone else
so foolish as to enter the ring with you. So give us the low down: Is this
your willy-nilly bid to unmask the notorious Sham�Sham Brothers? You guys
are dope! You�re huge amusement. My *wife* even likes you more than *we*
do. Now, rumors say you�re on the verge of curing cancer. Is it so? But
don�t stop there � there are mountains to ascend. You may even rewrite The
History of the World and reclaim lost honor for No. 2 Divinity Avenue.
Rock on dudes!

Ven. Tantra
PS. Shall we keep the screen-fulls brisk?

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