Taliban, Darul Uloom Deoband and idols

Subrahmanya S. subrahmanyas at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Apr 7 04:15:13 UTC 2001

>Dominik Wujastyk wrote:
>Actually, many important studies of this topic already exist, by >Schwab,
>Inden, Breckenridge and van der Veer, Trautmann, and others.  These
>authors are all natives, of course.

These writers blame those belonging to a period
long ago and this is used as a smoke screen to cover up the
soft bigotry that is being perpetrated by Indologists now.

The problem is that many of the present day Indologists are
themselves racist and peddle old dogma with a different spin.

The fact is that Indology that exists today is completely
rigged. That is why Wizl. can get away with his loony ideas about
war chariot nonsense, but anyone who proposes that the IE homeland
was in the subcontinent is to be labelled as a hindu fundamentalist.

The old day Indologists tried to come up with skull sizes
to peddle Euro-supremacist nonsense, the present day peddlers
come up with fantasises about Indo-European war chariot skills.

There is no evidence of any Indo European "war chariot" anywhere except
in the fevered brains of entrenched eurocentic academics.
If at all Indo-European is a language family - how in the world
can one identify a so called "war chariot" based on a language
family ? A great leap of scholarly Indo-European faith indeed !!

"The intimate linkage between Proto-Indo-European and the
horse and the chariot is a myth". pg 51 - Wagon, Chariot and Carriage -
Symbol and status in the history of transport - Stuart Piggott

The alacrity with which some link critcizing some obscure course on
astrology was posted on the list while at the same time trying
to smother any discussion of iconoclasm in Indian history is
an example of the anti-hindu bigotry and negationism that exists
among Indologists.


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