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"the land, as it seems, was not clean enough for them. It is true,
Arjuna himself continued his travel and, having reached the Ocean
coast, even married the daughter of a local king (CitravAhana of
MaNalUra) - but this episode may be interpreted as reflecting the
leading role of non-brahminical elements (kSatriyas) in establishing
cultural and political contacts with Southern regions."

Indologists may know that Tamil word for "sand" is maNal. maNalUr
is the village on the banks of (vaitaraNi?) river. Hindu tradition
is to do tarpaNa on a river bank. After this, cows are gifted to
brahmins  even today. Look at the riverbanks in towns like KoDumuDi
(on Kaveri), Bhavani (on vAni) and Perur (on Noyyal/Kanchi).

entry on vaitaraNi " ...
  a cow (given to Bra1hmans) that transports a dead man over that river".

Is the concept of golokam adjascent to svarga-lokam formed so that
these donated cows need to have a residence after depositing spirits
in the heaven? This looks the reason to donate cows to the priests.

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