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>Dear List,
>How is the Sanskrit word, "preta", explained in terms of roots?
>It's a late one, occuring in the epics like MBh.
>N. Ganesan, PhD


says preta < pre < pra +i

where i = to go

Entry  preta

Meaning  mfn. departed , deceased , dead , a dead person S3Br. Gr2S3rS.
MBh. ; m. the spirit of a dead person (esp. before obsequial rites are
performed) , a ghost , an evil being Mn. MBh. &c. (cf. RTL. 241 , 271 MWB.

Entry  pre

Meaning  (%{pra-} 5. %{i}) cl. 2. P. %{prai9ti} (Ved. inf. %{prai9tos}
AitBr.) , to come forth , appear , begin RV. Br2A1rUp. MBh. ; to go on ,
proceed , advance (esp. as a sacrifice) RV. VS. ; to go forwards or
farther , come to , arrive at , enter (acc.) ib. S3Br. Up. MBh. ; to go out
or away , depart (this life , with or without %{asmAl at lokAt} , or %
{itas}) , die Br. Up. Mn. MBh. &c.: Intens. A1. %{pre7yate} , to drive or
go forth (said of Ushas) RV.

Online M-W is not listing the root i even if i* is tried.
Neither does online Capellar's.
What gives?


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