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I am glad to announce another  issue of the


Vol. 7 (2001), issue 2 (March 31)      (143 k)

This issue deals, in some length, with a recent book aiming at "A
Historical Analysis" of the Rgveda.

Its author also  claims to have "invincibly"  shown
"...that India was the original homeland of the Indo-European family of
languages  ... based primarily on Puranic sources.   [here] ... we examine
in detail the actual data within the Rigveda. ...   far from contradicting
or disproving the theory put forward by us in our earlier  [1993] book,
this detailed analysis of the Rigveda emphatically confirms our theory. "

Let's see!

Read also ( Ed.'s Note) on some interesting Hindutva invectives, threats
and strong-arm tactics  aimed at intimidating legitimate research on the
Vedas ...



* REVIEW ARTICLE  (Saavadhaanapattra no. 2):

Michael Witzel,

WESTWARD HO !   The Incredible Wanderlust of the Rgvedic Tribes Exposed by
S. Talageri

A Review of:  Shrikant G. Talageri, The Rigveda. A historical analysis.
New Delhi: Aditya Prakashan 2000, pp. xxiv, 520.   ISBN 81-7742-0s10-0.
Rs. 750;

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