Text layers in the Gita

Bhadraiah Mallampalli vaidix at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Apr 1 15:50:11 UTC 2001

In my opinion, the sequence of chapters in gIta tentatively follows five
fold sAma. The climax of sAma is uthgItha which is in the middle, unlike
Hollywood style where climax is at the end. arjuna viSAda is hiGkAra, karma
yoga is prastAva, vizvarUpa is uthgItha, the boring sessions that follow are
pratihAra (withdrawal symptoms) and mokSa saMnyAsa yoga is nidhana.

Antonio De Nicolas of yogapsychology/indictraditions yahoogroups has a model
that relates the sequence of chapters in gIta to development of faculties of
human brain from baby to adult. He also authored books on Rgveda and

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